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Between Giants and Pygmies

Between Giants and Pygmies

Not a fairytale, although it certainly sounds like one. Mendocino Redwoods RV Resort is almost exactly smack-dab in between giants and pygmies. The Avenue of the Giants and the Pygmy Forest, that is. Reserve your stay at Mendocino Redwoods now so you can take the kids to explore both fascinating forests on your next visit.

Giants and Pygmies

Avenue of the Giants

Weott, California

The Avenue of the Giants, has been called the finest forest drive in the world. Lined by titan redwood trees, the 31-mile Avenue parallels Highway 101 and offers an excellent alternate route through southern Humboldt County. See the twisty, turn-y map of this scenic highway here.

Mostly flat with gentle curves, it passes secluded hamlets, picnic areas, and access points to the Eel River, a federally-designated Wild & Scenic waterway with idyllic swimming, fishing and paddling spots. Numerous trailheads can be found along the Avenue, each leading into the magical redwood forest.

Pack your swimsuits and fishing gear and load the family in the car for the first stop on the Giants and Pygmies tour. Weott is only 95 miles north via US 101.

The Pygmy Forest

Gualala, California

What if you or your kids were taller than the Redwood Trees? Just south of Gualala on the Sonoma Coast, at the highest elevation in Salt Point State Park, lies one of the world’s wonders – The Pygmy Forest. The century-old pines, cypresses, and redwoods here are fully mature, but at only a few feet tall, they are uniquely miniature.

These trees’ stunted growth is caused by an inhospitable combo of highly-acidic soil and a layer of rocks that blocks drainage and prevents the trees from setting the deep roots they need to grow tall.

To view the ‘tiny giants’, hike the 3.8 mile loop of the Pygmy Forest Trail past mixed evergreen forest, a grassy prairie surrounded by pines, and lots of mushrooms and wildflowers before you reach pygmy tree territory. Bring your hiking boots and cellphones to take taller-than-the-treetops selfies to show the folks on Instagram. The second stop on the Giants and Pygmies tour is Gualala and it’s only 90 miles south via State Hwy 20 W and CA 1.

Family Fun under the Redwoods

Willits, California

You don’t even need an RV to vacation under the tall trees – just bring your swimsuit, camera, fishing tackle and hiking boots and check out the cabins – they sleep as many as 6 people. Book now to make a memory you’ll cherish forever.

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