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Mendocino County Museum and Your Children

Mendocino County Museum and Your Children

Mendocino County Museum has been inspiring awareness of our unique cultural heritage for 50 years. And many of the stories, collections, and artifacts are particularly appealing to young people, like your children. Book your stay at Mendocino Redwoods RV Resort and explore this fascinating museum with your family. It’s worth the trip.

Mendocino County Museum

Exciting Things at the Mendocino County Museum

What is a Clovis Point, you might ask. When you visit the Mendocino County Museum, you’ll find out that the 10,000 year old artifact on display is a spear point carved from rock and was used by the people who inhabited this area all those years ago.

See all kinds of transportation, from 19th century stagecoaches to ‘hippie vans.’ Discover the legend of famous race horse Seabiscuit, learn about logging and steam trains, and marvel at the artistic skills of Native Americans through the centuries.

Just for Kids at the Mendocino County Museum

The Museum offers lots to do for children, like story time, crafts, and kids’ farm market, especially at their Fort Bragg and Ukiah branches. Check the calendar of Museum events.

Oly the String Doll

Made by a Finnish sailor for a little girl in Mendocino, Oly has many outfits reflecting the maker’s heritage and occupations. See this doll with his amazing clothing, including functioning buttons, pockets, and belts. Then print out the Oly paper doll so you can color his clothing your own way and play with him at home or back in your RV.

How to Draw Leaves

Encourage your child to learn about the natural world by collecting leaves and drawing them. This pdf with a drawing from 1915, from the Mendocino County Museum shows you how.

Grizzly Bears in California at the Mendocino County Museum

Now through July 31, Bear in Mind: The Story of the California Grizzly is an exhibit that tells the tale of how this once numerous species became extinct in California. Now seen only on California’s state flag, the grizzly bear has been the subject of fear and fascination ever since settlers first arrived. Both children and adults will discover something new at this exhibit.

Find Out What Makes Mendocino Fabulous and Fun

Book your stay at Mendocino Redwoods RV Resort and explore this fascinating museum. Admission to the Mendocino County Museum is FREE on Saturday!

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